Adventures in Learning: School Garden Guide now available!

Teachers and educators, do you have a school garden? The Urban Ag Coalition is offering a new, free, school garden guide called “Adventures in Learning” to inspire ideas for getting your students out in the garden for interactive exploration and education. The Guide includes helpful semester-based garden activities and curriculum resources, as well as gardening information specific to our climate here in Oklahoma City.

Whiskey Cake

Research shows that leveraging your school garden as a learning resource has many benefits:

  • Significantly increase science achievement scores
  • Improve social skills and behavior
  • Instill appreciation and respect for nature
  • Improve life skills, including working with groups
  • Increase interest in eating fruits and vegetables
  • Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables in adolescents
  • Have a positive impact on student achievement and behavior


We hope you’ll take advantage of this new guide, “Adventures in Learning: A Teacher’s Guide to Exploration and Discovery in OKC School Gardens,” and have some fun!

Click the link to download the free guide, which includes the following information:

  • Oklahoma City Plants: Best Bets and Fun Choices
  • School Garden Year Activities
  • Growing Organically: Protecting the health of the garden
  • Curriculum Resources
  • Cross-Discipline Learning
  • Appendix A: Spring and Fall Planting Schedules



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