Welcome to the OKC Urban Ag Coalition!  We are a coalition dedicated to helping urban agriculture grow and thrive in Oklahoma City. Our members are excited about the potential for urban ag here in OKC, where there is so much land inside the city’s boundaries, and so much enthusiasm for learning to grow food, health and community.

Each year, our Steering Committee members pick a topic to explore. This year, 2016, is our Year of the Pollinator. Past years have included:

2015: Year of the School Garden

2014: Year of the Urban Farm & Garden Films and Tour

2013: Year of Oklahoma City’s Urban Ag Ordinance


Steering Committee Members

Christine T. Patton, Chair

Park Commissioner, Oklahoma City Ward 2

Co-founder, Transition OKC

Dr. Ann Fleener, Vice-Chair

Director of Education, Myriad Botanical Gardens

Dr. Vicki Rose, Treasurer

Past Chair, Transition OKC

Kathryn Gant

Provision Organic Farms

Elia Woods

Co-founder and Farm Manager, CommonWealth Urban Farms

Madeleine Wiens

University of Oklahoma

Sara Braden

Co-founder, CommonWealth Urban Farms

Allen Parleir

Facilitator, Closer to Earth

Contact localfoodokc@gmail.com with ideas, questions or requests!


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