Urban Farm & Garden Tour

Oklahoma City’s first Urban Farm and Garden Tour debuted on Saturday, September 13, 2014.  We receive many inquiries about the next Urban Farm & Garden tour. We don’t have the exact dates…. but keep in touch at our Facebook page for upcoming details of our fall 2016 Butterfly Garden tour! Butterflies are not only beautiful but are important pollinators for our urban farms and gardens. We hope you’ll join us in September 2016 for the tour!


Information from the original Urban Farm and Garden tour in 2014:

These 13 sites were included:

CommonWealth Urban Farms
Helm Farm Victory Gardens
27th St. Permaculture
Whiskey Cake
Guilford Gardens
Granny’s Garden at OSU-OKC – This site will be unattended but open to the public during the tour.
Urban Neighbors
Urban Harvest
Del City Church of Christ Community Garden
National Women in Agriculture Community Youth Garden
OCU Community Garden
Roosevelt Elementary School Garden (with OKC Harvest)
Myriad Botanical Garden Children’s Garden – This site will be unattended but open to the public during the tour.

Metro Tech – will not be open on Saturday, but everyone is invited to attend their new student-run Farmers’ Market on Friday from 10 am to 2 pm.

We hope to see you today!


Discover a beautiful array of working urban farms, community gardens, edible landscapes and home gardens during Oklahoma City’s inaugural Urban Farm & Garden Tour. This informative self-guided tour is sure to  educate and inspire you with many ideas for your own urban landscape.

$5 tickets will be available to purchase by cash or check at select tour sites the day of the tour, Saturday September 6, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Saturday September 13, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Advance tickets may be purchased at Whiskey Cake at 1845 NW Expressway. 

Children age 12 and under are admitted free.

Tour site addresses and descriptions

From rainwater barrels to vermicomposting, from raised beds to fruit trees and chickens, there is plenty to see at the 14 urban farm and garden tour sites.  On the day of the tour, you’ll purchase a ticket and pick up a brochure at your first site with addresses, descriptions, and a map to enable you to visit as many sites as you wish at your own pace.  Brochures are available at all sites.  Sites range in size from home gardens to city farms, and are distributed throughout the Northwest, Downtown, Northeast, and Southside of Oklahoma City.

Site Summary (full descriptions below the map):
  • Northwest 
    • CommonWealth Urban Farms – 3310 N. Olie
    • Helm Farm Victory Gardens – Address listed on brochure
    • OCU Community Garden – South of NW 25th Street, between McKinley and Blackwelder
    • 27th St. Permaculture Edible Landscape- Address listed on brochure
    • Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar- 1845 NW Expressway
    • Guilford Gardens – Address listed on brochure
    • OSU/OKC Granny’s Garden and Farmer’s Market – 400 N. Portland (free site – no tickets sold)
  • Downtown
    • Urban Neighbors Community Garden – 417 W. Park Place
    • Myriad Botanical Gardens Children’s Garden – 301 W. Reno
  • Northeast
    • National Women in Agriculture Association Youth Garden – 1701 N. Martin Luther King Ave.
  • Southside
    • Urban Harvest at the Regional Food Bank – 3355 S. Purdue Ave.
    • Del City Church of Christ Community Garden – 1901 Vickie Drive, Del City
    • Roosevelt Elementary School Garden (with OKC Harvest) – 3233 SW 44th Street at SW 44th and S. Independence

Northwest Sites

* Tickets available at starred sites on Saturday, Sept. 6.

CommonWealth Urban Farms*

3310 N. Olie, one block east of Western,between NW 32 and Hill Street

Special features: fruit trees, rainwater harvesting, composting, vermicomposting

 Is it a big garden, or a small farm?  It certainly feels like a garden, with a meandering path leading past a rock wall and through an overgrown archway, and a friendly cat dozing in the shade.  Yet it produces like a farm, feeding 30 families through its weekly CSA.  Designed as a model for economically viable farming in an urban setting, CommonWealth is a hidden gem.

So, big garden or small farm?  You may just have to decide for yourself.  While you’re there, check out the new rainwater harvesting system, and don’t miss the solar powered worm harvester!

Helm Farm Victory Gardens

Addresses listed on maps available at each tour site

Special features: chickens, frontyard and backyard gardens, fruit trees, rainwater harvesting, composting

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to pet a chicken?  Have you ever held a freshly laid egg?  Come to this site to experience these and many other wonders.

These two private homes, both built in 1918, boast WWII-style victory gardens, including fresh veggies, fruit trees, and delightful chicken coops.  If you are interested in seeing how our predecessors took pride in self-sufficiency, you must see this pair of gardens.  Guaranteed fun for all ages!

OCU Community Garden*

South of NW 25th Street, between McKinley and Blackwelder

The Oklahoma City University Community Garden is approximately 4000 square feet of university land devoted to growing organic produce and educating campus and community members about healthy living.  This vibrant garden is an exceptional example of a campus garden; everyone from President Henry to staff and students are excitedly watching it grow and expand.

The OCU Campus Community Garden is completely sustained by the students, faculty, and staff, and fits with the University’s mission and strategic initiatives.

27th St. Permaculture design edible landscape

Address listed on map available at all sites

Special features: permaculture landscaping, front yard garden, butterfly garden, fruit trees, rainwater harvesting, composting

The edible front yard at this private home was designed by certified permaculturist Randy Marks. Grass has been replaced by sandstone terracing to provide a home for vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, berries and flowers. Additional features include a butterfly garden, a backyard garden with raised beds, and a rain garden area designed to catch storm water.

The garden has evolved over the years and is a lovely example of how permaculture techniques can turn a plain grass yard into a beautiful, bountiful garden.

Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar (with free whiskey cake samples!)*

1845 NW Expressway, by Penn Square Mall

Amenities: public restroom

Special features: raised beds, edible landscaping, pollinator Whiskey Cakeplants

 The organic teaching garden at Whiskey Cake offers diners a chance to stroll and sample before or after a meal. Parents are encouraged to bring their kids to pinch the herbs or eat a tomato fresh from the vine. The garden serves as inspiration for guests to re-think how they see food crops by highlighting the intrinsic beauty of these plants. Much of the harvest is used for the kitchen and bar, while some of the herbs are allowed to flower to feed several species of bees.

Guilford Gardens*

Address listed on map available at all sitesFFNorthLot

Special features: CSA, greenhouse, hoop houses, cut flower garden, composting, chickens, bees, rabbits

 Guilford Gardens was started over ten years ago by chef Kamala Gamble. It features an extensive variety of vegetable crops, plus a greenhouse, two hoop houses, compost bins, chicken coop, beehives and rabbit hutch. The compost, chickens and rabbits help maintain the soil fertility of this long-running and much-loved urban farm in suburban northwest OKC.

 Providing vegetables, herbs, flowers and even the occasional egg for the 120 members of the year-round garden CSA, the two-acre Guilford Gardens offers weekly bags chock-full of freshly picked produce and also sells to a select group of local restaurants.

OSU/OKC  “Granny’s Garden” and Farmers Market

400 N. Portland

This site will be be open to the public but will not have a tour guide available; tickets will not be sold at this site.

Amenities: public restroom, drinking fountain

Special features: OSU/OKC Farmers Market, garden workshops throughout the morning

 What’s old is new again! “Granny’s Garden” showcases the organic and sustainable methods used by our grandparents and great-grandparents, still relevant today. The summer garden features many All-American Selection vegetables, as well as heat loving Beauregard sweet potatoes and Clemson Spineless okra. The fall garden highlights greens and root crops; as Granny knew, carrots are sweetest when planted in the fall.

TLC has partnered with OSU-OKC to support the garden through educational programs and donations of plants and materials.  The OSU/OKC Farmers Market will be open from 8 am to 1 pm, offering locally grown vegetables, fruits and seedlings.


Urban Neighbors Community Garden*

417 W. Park Place; West of Hudson, south of NW 11th StreetUrban Neighbors Community Garden Summer 2014

Special features: raised beds, community gathering space

Urban Neighbors is a community gathering space for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers in the company of friends and neighbors. Participation comes with responsibility and a bountiful harvest.

The garden has ten raised beds and an inviting seating area. Swallowtail caterpillars prepare for their maiden flight alongside broccoli, chard and onions. Situated just west of the Midtown Mutts Dog Park, Urban Neighbors features a Compost Station, designed by local compost company Fertile Ground, where downtown neighbors can compost their kitchen scraps. This garden is a welcome oasis right in the heart of a big city.

Myriad Botanical Gardens Children’s Garden*009

301 W. Reno

Amenities: public restroom, drinking fountain

Special features: raised beds, vertical gardening, composting, rainwater harvesting, edible landscaping

The Children’s Garden has a vegetable garden comprised of raised beds, a compost bin, a vertical garden, and a pergola with attached rain barrel. Vegetables include tomatoes, eggplant and squash, along with a plethora of herbs. Additional flowering plants are spread throughout, making it a great example of an edible landscape.

Started in 2010, the children’s garden is approximately 3 acres, with the vegetable garden composing one section. Children and adults can see where their foods come from and how easy it is to grow a large amount of food in a small area.

The Children’s Garden will be open to the public 7 days a week for free until Oct. 1st. It will be closed for ten days in preparation for their fall festival. “Pumpkinville” runs from Oct. 10-31 and is free for Myriad Gardens members, $3-$5 for non-members.


NWIAA (National Women In Agriculture Association)*

1701 N. Martin Luther King Ave.

Amenities: public restroomNWIAA

Special features: student-run snow cone stand, youth outreach

NWIAA is helping future generations today. Founded by Dr. Tammy Gray-Steele in 2008, NWIAA is a minority woman-owned and operated organization educating young people and empowering socially disadvantaged women. If you want to see how a garden can create a strong and vibrant community, then come visit NWIAA and their Science Agriculture Academy. Enjoy a snow cone from the student-run stand while you view the beautiful raised beds and row crops!

Metro Tech “Green Garden” school based business

1900 Springlake Drive at Martin Luther King and NE 41st

This site is NOT OPEN during the rescheduled tour on Sept. 13th; however the public is invited to attend the Farmer’s Market on Friday the 12th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Amenities: public restroom, drinking fountain

Special features: student-run farmers’ market, outdoor cooking demo, greenhouse

Sowing to growing is what it’s about at Metro Tech’s Horticulture Science Program! Students in high school operate a garden using plasticulture beds. The 24’ x 36’ greenhouse is used for plant propagation of both vegetables and ornamentals. Thanks to a grant from Cox Communications, students will operate a farmers’ market for five weeks starting September 12th on Fridays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Friday at Metro Career Academy (MCA).  An outdoor kitchen will be utilized by MCA culinary arts to teach customers how to prepare tasty dishes using fresh vegetables and herbs.


Urban Harvest at the Food Bank – free site! No ticket required.

3355 S. Purdue Ave. near SW 36th and S. Macarthur. Click here for map & directions.

Amenities: public restroom, drinking fountain

Special features: community outreach, volunteer opportunities, compost, aquaponics, hoop house, fruit trees, bees, learning garden

Urban Harvest is the educational gardening program of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Hands-on field trips and day camps for elementary aged children as well as tours for older students teach the importance of fresh, healthy food. Produce from the gardens is distributed to children enrolled in after-school and summer programs at partner agencies.

The 3 acre site includes field grown and raised bed gardens, compost bins, a greenhouse for raising seedlings, a small aquaponics system, a hoop house with strawberry plants and vermicomposting bins, a newly planted fruit orchard, a pollinator garden with 2 bee hives, and a children’s learning garden. The three resident goats volunteer their time as weed eaters!

Del City Church of Christ Community Garden*

1901 Vickie Drive, Del City between S. Sunnylane & S. Sooner, just south of I-40 near SE 19th Street

Amenities: public restroom, drinking fountain

Special features: raised beds, flower gardens, park

Founder Melvin Thompson wanted to find a way to feed those in need. Upon retiring from his roofing business, he combined his time and resources with land provided by his church, and turned an incredible vision into reality.

Now, a small, dedicated team of church members and neighbors tend the five acres of raised beds, row crops, flower beds and a lovely tree-filled park with walking trail and benches. Students from nearby schools have regular field trips to learn and help with the gardens.

Produce is harvested twice weekly. On Tuesdays and Fridays, volunteers set up a tent by the road and people passing by can take what they need; “from God’s garden to your table.”

Roosevelt Middle School in conjunction with OKC Harvest*

3233 SW 44th Street at SW 44th and S. Independence

Amenities: public restroom, drinking fountainroosevelt school garden

Special features: school garden, raised beds

Four raised bed gardens stand proudly in front of Roosevelt Middle School. The garden was started this spring with help from OKC Harvest, a non-profit dedicated to helping schools and neighborhoods grow nutritious, vibrant and diverse food gardens.

Students, parents and staff enjoyed a bountiful harvest of tomatoes and peppers, as well as pickles made from their cucumbers and dill. They are eager to expand the garden with more beds, compost bins, and a potting table.

Principal Barry Thomas and science teacher David Holcomb are enthusiastic ambassadors for the garden. Barry invites everyone to participate. “My community is welcome to come play in the dirt, pick some vegetables, pull some weeds, and get involved!”

Want to be on the inside track of the tour?

Volunteer at a tour site for 2.5 hours on Saturday the 6th! Volunteers will score a free organic cotton OKC Urban Ag Coalition T-shirt as well as 2 complimentary tickets for the tour (a $10 value). Click here for more details or to sign up for a shift.



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